Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello?! I'm back!

It's been forever since my last blog and although I'm sorry I haven't kept in better touch, I have to say the kids and I had a fabulous summer, my big 40th birthday trip on The Longest Yard Sale was great fun, and school/sports are in full swing!  In addition, we ripped out the carpet in the bedrooms and now have wood (YEAH...finally!), we have another group of baby quail in the laundry room (nothing more to be said about that right now!) and there's major work going on in our backyard.  Needless to say, after hauling the kids and dog through 7 states this summer, exporing sites we've never seen, hanging out at our favorite place on earth, settling back into our construction zone of a home, and starting to school and sports, THINGS have been CRAZY!!  Crazy good though!  No complaints.

I'm going to try to get back on track with the blog so please, continue to be patient with me.  We have some great new pieces available so I'm just going to post in a photo roll form for now and will post individual before and afters soon.

Thanks and here it goes:
Mahogany bench with paisley sateen bench.  $55
Incredibly versatile and beautiful mahogany desk that can be a single person desk, a partner desk, or a conference/work table/dining table with a few very easy flips of the top.  $325 
as a partner desk

fully extended
Peacock blue end table with drawer lined in yellow and white fabric.   $65

Adorable turquoise hamper with padded bench top.  $35

Cute one drawer kidney shaped desk in golden yellow with coordinating chair.
Desk $95  Chair $30

Padded piano bench in pale yellow with multi fall colored upholstery.  $47
Versatile coffe table/ottoman with two storage drawers, new upholstery, and creamy pale yellow paint.  $155

Fresh green end table with fun floral fabric lining the drawer. $27

Blue bench with tradition linen feel cream and blue fabric. $45
 Great little drop-front child's desk in pink and green.  $75

Have a great Thursday!  Glad to be back!!



  1. Nice work. I like the coffee table most as it is looking pleasant and adorable. Finishing is done beautifully.