Monday, February 28, 2011

Primitive Style Table

Meg and I came across this primitive style table a couple of weeks ago and although I was sure it could be something cute, Meg was not on board!!  We got it anyway, brought it home and let it sit a little while.  Needless to say, it was taking up way too much room and last week I was ready to get it done and out of the work space!

It need a new foot and a little bit of work here and there, but otherwise it was solid and obviously handmade.  It is one of those tables that makes me wonder who built it and what was it's original purpose.....

Anyway, Meg cut the new foot out of some scrap lumber leftover from a pitching mound project and I sanded, filled a few little knicks with some wood putty and it was ready for paint.  I painted it the same dijon yellow Ooops! paint as I did on the desk (HERE) and then dry brushed some creamy white all over it.  I sanded it again to give it an aged looked, glazed it with a very light antiquing glaze, and then buffed the whole things with paste wax.  I wanted it protected and smooth for use but, I did not want the shine of a poly coat.

When it was all said and done, Meg admitted she likes it but just couldn't see it before!  This is one of those projects that some will love and others won't but....I, for one, am on the love side!  If I lived in a great big house this would be perfect in so many places but instead it must go to the booth for someone else!

Do you have or see those pieces and you wonder who had them before and where they were used?  

Have a great Monday!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Folding table and 5 folding chairs

This set includes not only a padded folding table but also 5 adorable cane backed folding chairs!!  I love this little set and am not sure I can part with it but, if you love it as much as I do, I might be persuaded!  I can just picture family nights playing games or building puzzles, or just pulling it out for holiday get-togethers, girls night at the house...... and it would be even more adorable in a fun color(s) with new upholstery on the seats.  

If you're interested e-mail us at, and you can pick the color(s).



Occasional chair

This cute occasional chair will soon be going to live with Kamela and her daughter!

Refinished:  $35

Cute little cane stool

This cute little cane stool is beautiful and in excellent condition.  If interested, please e-mail

Measures:  20 1/2"L x 14"D x 17"T

As is:  $50 $35
Painted: $45

This little table is going to be customized for Starr.  After pictures will be posted when it's all done and  on it's way to it's new home. 

Measures:  31 1/2"L (back) x 18"L (front) x 13 1/4"D x 31 1/2"T

Refinished:  $85

New inventory!

We have a few new pieces to add to the inventory that I am really excited about!  Everything needs to be refreshened, refabbed, and refinished but they all have so much potential! 

Instead of having duplicate pictures and confusing things here, I will be listing them individually on the In the Garage page.   This week I have to work on some things that are started but not yet finished and then I can't wait to get onto new projects!  I HOPE the weather will work in the driveway with the doors wide open and get some much needed fresh air!

Remember...take a look at the new items In the Garage!

Please Pass the Grey Poupon!

As promised, here are the before and after pictures and details of this awesomely heavy 7 drawer dresser!

Not long ago, I saw this desk listed on Craigslist.  I thought it was priced a little higher than I normally like to pay but, it looked solid and was a great size.  I called and set an appointment with a nice older lady and went to check it out.  I had every intention of asking her to go down a little on the price if it was even worth getting at all.

"Nona" was blind in one eye, walked with a cane and explained how "Papa" had recently retired with plans of finally spending time in his workshop.  As we walked towards through the yard, she explained that they were selling some of the furniture because after having a sudden heart attack in Wal-Mart (while getting canning jars for her to put-up the last of the okra) they just didn't think he'd be able to work in the shop after all.  Done deal...the desk was going home regardless of what it looked!

The desk was in pretty good shape and has to be one of the heaviest desks I've ever had to lift!  It is solid and well built.  There were a few places where the vaneer was lifting off but it wasn't chipped or missing so, that was an easy fix.  I sanded, primed, and then painted with one of my new Ooops! paints that I'm calling Dijon!  It just seemed like the perfect color to help bring Spring on and capture all the details of the desk.  I outlined the drawers in black to add a little pop.
After painting, I very slightly distressed it around the drawers and on a few places that would obviously get rubbed on like the knee hole, the front corners of the top, and the outside corners.  The yellow still looked a little too bright for my taste so I glazed it all over with a glaze/stain combination and then finished it off with paste wax.

Now it was time to accessorize!  Although I liked the look of the big round knobs, I really wanted to use some leftover fabric for the drawers and thought some ceramic black knobs I had in my stock pile would help pull it all together.  Done!

Probably not the finish "Papa" had in mind but, I'm sure glad to have met them.  As a side note, he is walking, talking very well, and working hard at a full recovery!  

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring looks to be springing!

Spring is springing around here!  The weather was SO nice early in the week making it the perfect time to pull a few things out of the garage and get to work!

I have much to tell and little time to get it all in so, here is a little preview:

An awesomely heavy 7 drawer desk, better known around here as the Nona and Papa desk because that's how the wonderful couple introduced themselves when we went to pick up this Craigslist find.
A beautiful little 3 drawer dresser fit for princesses of all shapes and sizes.  I especially love the diamond placed front and center for all to see!   Also a Craigslist find from another very nice couple that had garage sale/Craigslist organization down to a fine art with index cards included!
With all the desks being worked on around here, my own little princess decided that she really needs a pink one befitting her position!  Then, while digging around helping Sabrina in her garage, look what we found!!  I'm not sure she was ready to part with it but because it was for the only princess she personally knows and it cleared a little more space for the upcoming auction, she was quickly convinced to help me load it!
While that might seem like enough, it wasn't!  There was a table taking up way too much room in the garage and also hit the list for this week!
Then there were chairs....

And finally, there were school activities, baseball/softball tryouts, and plays to attend!!!  

Oh, oh, oh!  I can't forget the lovely heirloom rocking chair I picked up from a new client!  She wants it totally stripped down and refinished to surprise her mother at her daughter's upcoming graduation pressure there! :)
I know you have patiently been waiting for all the after pictures and the details but, I'm tired!!!  In the very berry best sort of way!!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Painting, Painting, Painting!

I promise a new post is on it's way!!  I have 5 pieces going at the same time and the garage, kitchen, hallway are FULL!!  But, nothing is quite finished - AAARGH!

I'm back to work and there WILL be finished pictures sometime today, if it kills me!

Thanks for hanging with me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Drop Front Desk with 3 drawers

This great little three drawer drop front desk is a new item up for grabs!  If you're interested, please e-mail us at

Drop front secretary/desk with 3 drawers
Measures:  17"D x 34"L x 42"T
Opens to 28"D

Happy President's Day!

I'm so proud that I live in a country where we can freely vote for our leaders and celebrate the freedoms we enjoy!

The kids weren't happy when they learned that had to go to school today as a make-up day for all of the snow days.  And I wasn't too happy either but it does give me another day to try to get some paint on several different pieces.

So far I've glued a few pieces, sanded, cleaned, and primed 2 desks/vanities.  I have to be at the school at 2:30 to help with a group Cowboy has joined so I'm hoping to get paint of each of them before then.

Here are the before pics:

There are a few other things I'm working on too but those pictures will have to come later.

I'm back to work and hope to have after pictures later today!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

This  cute little enamel top table is a new item up for grabs!  If you're interested, please e-mail us at

It has a great enamel top, a divided silverware drawer, and is perfect for a small eating area, a craft area, or as a desk.

25"W x 40"L x 30"T


4 awesome wooden chairs

We're going home with Sara!
There are 6 of these awesome wooden chairs available.
$35 each

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantastic Feb. 17!

Yesterday was a very special day around here:  it was my youngest sister's birthday....Happy Happy Day Meg...and my baby, lost a tooth!  It seems like only yesterday I was diapering them both!!

Without getting too sappy, I'm sitting here thinking of these two special girls and just want to say how thankful I am.  Sometimes I believe our family has a lot in common with say...Steel Magnolias meets Ya-Ya Sisterhood with a little GI Jane thrown in there too!  Needless to say, it can be a little hmmmm.....tumultuous but, I can't imagine it any other way!
The girls.....a few years ago on one of our whirlwind road trips!  From Alabama to Seattle and back!

With Meg being 15 years younger than me and now living with us while she gets her Master's, it's a pleasure to have watched her as she has gone from a crying little sumo wrestler of a baby into a very smart, strong, and beautiful woman.   
My little Sugar Bug reminds me so much of Meg as a little girl and I marvel at how these things happen with no blood ties between them.  Strong-willed, stubborn, and incredibly smart (don't we all think that of our children?) I look forward to seeing the woman she will become.  Let's be perfectly honest though....some days I wonder how we'll both survive...but, now that Meg has turned out so great, I know it can be done! WINK! WINK!!
Have a fabulous day!  I'm going to spend time with some of my favorite girls and I hope yours will be just as fun!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coffee and End Table

I've gone to a new home!!

French Blue

I've found a new home!!  

Coffee and End Table

Little story about a girl, a desk, some tables, and new friends!

Not too long ago I listed a desk on Craigslist.  Courtney responded and after a few e-mails we met for the exchange.  She was one of those girls that's super nice, easy to work with, and that you just instantly like.  She mentioned that she's new to the area and might be interested in a coffee table if I had one available.  Unfortunately, I didn't (at the time) but,  I gave her the blog info and asked her to check us out because you just never know.  Low and behold she did check us out, she saw the Primitive and Proper button from a party and knew Cassie from when she lived in the DC area!  Okay, that really has nothing to do with my story except that I think it's cool that she knows Cassie and I only know her through blogland!  What a small world.

Anyway, a couple days later I found a coffee table and I immediately thought of Courtney.  I went right out (kids in tow) to get the table and the woman ended up clearing off the matching end table at the last minute; Yeah!  I posted the before pics and was SUPER excited to get an e-mail from Courtney asking for more info.   

After a slight delay because of a snow day  (and 4 days later it's almost 70 degrees-go figure) I met her today to deliver her new tables.  Okay, in addition to super nice, she's also funny and you just have to love that!  

Here are the BEFORE:

and AFTER:

I sanded them down from top to bottom.  I primed the bases, painted them a creamy white, slightly distressed them and then glazed with a dark walnut stain and glaze mixture. On the tops, I applied three coats of dark walnut stain to get that rich dark color but still be able to see the gorgeous grain of the wood.  I then applied multiple coats of polycrylic for extra protection from wet glasses, shoes, etc!.

 I think she loved them and that made my day!!  Thanks again Courtney.

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