Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!  Are you all ready for tonight or has your weekend already been full of  Halloween fun?

Cowboy's team played their football game yesterday morning and unfortunately, it didn't go as well as we had all hoped.  Those boys on that other team were BIG!!  And I think our boys got a little intimidated early on but, I was still very proud of the Wildcats!

The boys stayed at the football stadium to watch follow-on games and help out while Sugar Bug and I did a little shopping for some crafts we will work on this week.  If all goes as planned, we will have some new little projects to post about this week and will have a few holiday items in the booth for the Open House!

Handsome Hubby worked hard on some household projects...YEAH!!  And called in reinforcements.  With his friend helping on some much needed repairs, the kids all playing happily together, the ladies made a list of available frozen/snack foods and.....went to the AUCTION!

I did not need one more piece of furniture in the garage (TLC should consider a show about DYI Hoarders!) but, I found some lovelies I just couldn't pass up.  I am sure they will be beautiful and they all just cried out for a new and loving home!

Here are the lovelies in their no so splendid glory.....can't you just see their potential!?!?!

There were some crazy great things there last night if I only had the room, the time, oh and yeah, the money!!!

Tonight we will be having brains and eyeballs for dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) and bloody fingers too (Garlic bread sticks with marinara)!!  And then we will hit the streets with all the others little ghouls and goblins.  Cowboy plans on scaring everyone in his werewolf costume while Sugar Bug will be the most beautiful Snow Princess of all times!!

I love these kind of weekends!

Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

It has been a fabulous Fall Friday!  I went to the Artichoke Alley booth and moved things around for the weekend, taking the newly finished desk, smoking stand, and Alabama footstool.  Sabrina met me there so we could get everything done and still be able to meet Debbi for a little planning session.  It's so nice to get to have lunch with friends and call it work! :)

There will be an Open House at Packards Antiques Nov 11-14 and we are planning great things for Artichoke Alley!  If you are in the Huntsville, Al. area, please stop by and check out all the fun.  There will be holidays decorations, snacks, and door prizes!

I also joined the following parties with my gorgeous gray desk!
Furniture Feature FridaysA Little Knick Knack

Have a great weekend!


And about Projects 5 & 6

Projects 5 & 6 were completed to a satisfactory level!  

Project #5 - Laundry
I'm not sure about at your houses but, laundry NEVER seems to be finished around here and not matter what I cook for dinner, someone is never completely happy!  However, I have come to decide that the laundry that was piled at the start of the day was washed, folded and put away so, that means...check - project #5!!

Project #6 - Dinner
As for cooking....not one of my favorite chores!  No matter the meal, one or more people around here don't like some portion so, now I just do the best I can to satisfy the majority.  Last night seemed to be a hit with tacos!!  

Now, I have to take cupcakes to the school and get out to the Artichoke Alley booth to move things around for the weekend!

I hope you each have a spectacular day.  

Oh, and Cowboy's football team will be playing one of their big playoff games tomorrow morning so....GO WILDCATS!!


Check - project smoking stand!

PROJECT #4 - Smoking stand:
Okay, I got a little off track and changed up #4 and #7 but, I did finish the smoking stand and came very close to finishing the display case.  When that's finished I will get it posted!

About this smoking stand!!!  I bought it at one of the auctions not too long ago.  I have no idea why I bought it except that when they put it on stage, I just couldn't help myself.  It just seemed kind of quirky and cute but in desperate need to be brought into the new real world!  Then it sat in the garage.  I couldn't decide what to do with it or how to make it LOVERLY!  Finally, I made some decisions and just went with it.  Have you ever had those projects that just eat at you the whole time and you think...aaarrgh, what was I thinking!

And the after.....drum roll please!!  The outside is a smoky gray/blue while the inside is this great metallic paisley print paper! The knobs are square cut glass and just really give it a more updated and current look!

A whole new life!  I hope someone else thinks it's fun, quirky, and lovable too!


Footnote:  This sold within 24 hours!
And I am partying with:

Check - project lamp

I did it!  I finished almost all of the items on my list yesterday and I have new pictures to prove it!

If you recall, this was from the post yesterday and my list of projects:

1 - lamp
2- desk
3- footstool
4-display case


7...oh, I hope, the little smoking stand

I think I can!  I think I can!  I think I can!

Now, that I review, I see that I changed up #4 and #7 but, that's ok.  I worked on the display case and it is very close to finished!  Here are the pics:

PROJECT #1 - Lamp:

I wrote about this yesterday and wasn't sure if I was going to keep until Handsome Hubby made a comment about it last night!  He said he liked it better than the one that was there and so, for now, she is staying!!

I think I will post each project individually so this doesn't get too long and cumbersome.  Please see the follow-up posts for the rest of the projects!

Have a great day!


Check - project footstool!

Checking the projects off my list from yesterday!

PROJECT #3 - Footstool:
This is for all my Alabama friends!  I don't know about ya'll but during games, my kids like to play football in the yard more than they watch BUT, my boy has to come check on the score every now and then.  This little stool is the perfect size to have for that! Then he isn't taking up a chair that could be occupied by one of the really dedicated fans!!


Check - project desk!

Checking my projects off the list!

PROJECT #2 - Desk:

I am very pleased with the way this desk turned out.  As you can see in the before, she wasn't bad but just needed a little pick me up!  I sanded, stained, and poly'ed the top.  (The early morning after pictures don't quite do it is be-u-ti-ful!)  And then I painted, primed, and painted the based and light gray.  I used the original hardware after I scrubbed it clean and gave it a light coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint!  I didn't get pictures but, I also lined the drawers with a beautiful paisley and metallic paper!  Love it!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's the little stuff!

I completed ALL but my final project that I was really only hoping to get to anyway.  The house is quite and everything is done and awaiting tomorrow.  Well, I say everything....and yet a new pile of laundry has developed and there's always something BUT, from my list this morning, I did pretty well.

I finished:
the lamp
the desk
the smoking stand
the footstool

most of the laundry
I cooked dinner!!

It's the little stuff that threw me though.  I wanted to get pictures on early but, then I had to stop to cook and you all know the rest of the story.  Pictures will make up in the morning!!

Good night!


Breaking News!

There was a temporary stop in production here so that I could make an emergency run to Hobby Lobby for poster board and black pipe cleaners that HAD to be delivered to the school before a particular class!  Glad I'm available for crisis management!

BREAKING NEWS:  Hobby Lobby has their knobs, pulls, and such 50% off through Sat!!!  For all you DYI'ers, I thought this might be valuable info.  I think some of their knobs are great and at 50% off...even better!


Good Morning!  I am working furiously to try to catch-up from my tornado day!  I have big plans SO, let's see if I can achieve them today!

I will finish:

1 - lamp
2- desk
3- footstool
4-display case


7...oh, I hope, the little smoking stand

I think I can!  I think I can!  I think I can!

And project #1 complete!
UGH!!  The brass was killing this little lady and all her parts were just a little askew!

Beautiful in all her classy and updated glory!

I placed her on my sideboard in the foyer and I'm just not sure she will be leaving there any time soon!  I thought she might make a trip to the booth but,.......I just don't know now!

Oh, and ignore that $4.00 on her base, she was marked down considerably from that!  SCORE!!

I'm off to work on more.  I think I can!  I think I can!.....


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tornado warnings!

I made it to the school just in time to volunteer in the Kindergarten class but then they started making announcements about tornado warnings!  After finishing up at the school, I had just enough time to make a Home Depot run, get some essential groceries, and make it back home for the kids got home 2 hours early.  We set up our tornado camp (in the only area in our home without windows) and everyone was settled as the the news announcers were saying a tornado was touching down on the main road closest to our neighborhood!!  We've polished nails, eaten popcorn, played Wii Sports Resort, scootered around the kitchen island....imagine dogs, kids, me and the desk whose top is drying inside instead of in the humid garage!!  Needless to say, the projects I put off yesterday aren't getting done today either! OH WELL!!

This was my girl tucked in tight last night....I wonder what tonight will bring?!  When I showed her the pic and asked why she wore her sunglasses to bed, she explained that they help her see her dreams in better if I should know that little trick!


Tongue Tied!

I am totally tongue tied on this terrific Tuesday morning!  Yesterday was one of those days where things did not go as planned but, it worked out better than expected.

Debbi, Sabrina, and I got to catch up a little and plan for an Artichoke Alley meeting of the minds to be had over lunch SOON!

It rained most of the day which made it very difficult to work outside....I really need to get things moved around so that I can work in the garage now that winter is getting closer and closer!  Who am I kidding?!  I have to get some projects done so that I have room to move things around to make more room for projects in the garage!!  Anyway, I ran some errands, checked on the booth, and spent a great night at home with the family; we had NO activities!!!

While out running errands, Meg and I decided to stop in my favorite little thrift store just in case there was something I couldn't live without.  I really did not expect or need to find anything, but I had a few extra minutes. You will not believe what I found!!!  It was just sitting there all gorgeous and old!  Love at first sight!  Then I looked at the've GOT to be kidding me?!!?!  Okay, as I already said, I really didn't need anything else to work on right now and the garage is getting dangerously close to maximum capacity but, at that price, I would be insane (seriously) to pass this up! Do you want to know the price?  What if you don't think it's great?  Well, it doesn't really matter because those babies were loaded and the Suburban was pulling away before Meg could even blink and tell me one more time that she thinks I'm crazy!

Please ignore Handsome Hubby back there holding the mirror for me.  I don't think I had everything put together exactly correctly but, I couldn't wait to get a picture.  I love this set!

Rebel's look pretty much sums up what the rest of my family was feeling.....

There is more to this story but....I'm late for Kindergarten and must be in the classroom this morning!

So sorry!  Be back soon!


Monday, October 25, 2010


Where have we been and what is going on?!?!  Well, this weekend was jam packed with activities!  Between sports, birthday parties, and get-togethers with friends, it was a beautifully BUSY weekend!

Soccer season came to a close and my girl played her best game ever! That is all relative as soccer is really more about the socializing for Miss Sugar Bug but, she did really did play pretty hard this game!

Go Lollipops!!

Then there was football!  My little Cowboy is playing tackle for the first time and although I was pretty nervous about it all, it has been a wonderful experience for us all!  He loves it and Handsome Hubby is having a great time helping coach!  The team is made up of really great kids and hanging out with the parents (and siblings) has been SO much fun.  And....they have made it to the final playoffs!!  Yee-Haw!!

Thursday night lights!
Go Wildcats! Go Wildcats! GO!

And baseball!  Cowboy's team played in tournament all day Sunday so we spent the whole day at the ballpark.  They have moved from machine pitch to kid pitch so, everyone is still trying to figure out what to do and how to do it but, there are worse things in life than spending a beautiful Fall day outside watching kids play!

And getting together with friends to watch football, celebrate birthdays, and replay the highlights of the games.....Oh, and squeezing in a little furniture work too!

Overall, it was a beautiful Fall weekend!  Sorry for going missing! :)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Surprise finds!

I had every intention of working hard on projects today but, at the last minute I was invited to a lunch date.  Yee-haw!

After lunch I found some fabulous and unexpected treasures that I just couldn't pass up.  Check out my loot!

More on that later.  We are off to soccer practice and a football playoff game!!!  Go Wildcats!!


Ugh! So embarrassed! you ever find yourself in embarrassing situations and you think, "Ugh! Why did I _________(say that, go there, do that)?!  How embarrassing?!!!"  I really thought as I got older I might be less embarrassed or at least not put myself in these situations quite so often however, that was a misnomer!!!  Kind of like acne....I still haven't "outgrown" that either!!

Anyway, last night I decided to link to another party.  I was trying to get it done in between bath time, dishes, and the baseball players getting home....first clue that this was NOT the time! No problem, I can multitask!!  Hhhmm! I got it all loaded and went about my business.  When all was quiet in the house, I went back to see who else may have entered and that's when I realized...............instead of entering the name of my piece, I entered my name!  Hello?!?! I tried to delete, alter, fix....but all to no avail!

donkeyface.jpg donkey face image by bgthompson

SO....if you you are here to check on the dresser, please keep coming back!  I really did not name my little girl's dresser after myself !  And I really am not a complete imbecile!

Thank you!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gorilla Glue

Today was one of those beautiful Fall days.  The weather was great, the leaves are starting to pile up but the trees aren't naked yet, and everything is changing colors. Check out this gorgeous little tree down our street.

My sister and I ran out to the Artichoke Alley booth to check on things and rearrange.  I took some pictures of items that will be added to our Pick Me! page so, please go check those out.  

We also started working on a few things in the garage but mostly we watched the kids bury each other in the leaves and and eat Halloween sugar cookies.  What a great day!

Oh, and and we fixed the transition between the kitchen and the living room with Gorilla Glue and a clamp.....probably not how Handsome Hubby would have fixed it but, now he just doesn't have to worry about it, right?!  That can just be our little secret, okay?! :)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This past weekend I was talking to a friend, Chrissie, at the auction.  We agreed that stripping furniture can become tedious and often there is more beneath the surface than you may think.  She told the story of a desk she's worked on recently and it made me think of a chest of drawers I completed earlier in the year.

I purchased the chest because I loved the lines.  The drawers were serpentine and it had a little door area for hats, I presume.  I loved it and it was a steal at $50!  BUT....the finish was AWFUL!!  It had been painted a multitude of colors but the icing on top was a crackle finish of two hideous browns!  This was really a crime against real wood.  See Example 1:

The crime continued with the paint slopped on all the hardware and even inside some of the drawers!  I started stripping everything down. I scraped and stripped, sanded and stripped.  I scraped and stripped some more and then sanded again. See example 2:

Don't let this pictures fool you.  There were many layers of paint and the under this awful brown I believe I found, white, red, and green!

I finally got it all stripped down only to find the top and the front of several drawers were stained or damaged too much to be restored to show off the natural beauty of the wood.  That left me with one choice....PAINT!  I had really worked hard to get all the old paint off because the dresser had such beautiful lines and I really wasn't sure how old any of the paint was.  Once I was stripping it I figured I'd better just go all the way.  However, when all that hard work was almost broke my heart to put paint back on it!

By this time, I was so into this chest of drawers, I couldn't imagine parting with it.  I really didn't need another piece of bedroom furniture but, it was LOVE!!!  I couldn't part with it!

I decided I was so in love, I started painting it to match my Sugar Bug's room.   When I was finished I was more in love than ever...and Sugar Bug loves it too! BONUS!

The moral of the story, at least on this one, is matter how frustrating stripping may be, the payoff really can be worth it!

I am going to share this with my new friends at Primitive and Proper.  Cassie was so nice last week with her party and I can't wait to see all the other entries too.

Power of Paint Party


I have great plans for this week and the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving!  My little sister is closing on her first house later this month and there is much to do to get furniture ready for her and to take to the ranch for the holidays.  There also are projects for clients and.....I HAVE to have merchandise for the booth! With that being said, I have made a list of what I would like to get done before Thanksgiving and have tried to plan out each week.  Do you think it will work?!?!

This week's projects include:

I have great plans for each of these pieces and hope to get some of them done this week!  Stay tuned!

Have a great day!


Monday, October 18, 2010

A story in paintings

Good Monday Morning!  

This weekend was packed full of activities  but the best one was celebrating Handsome Hubby's birthday!  Without getting too sappy, I am very thankful to be married to him and able to celebrate all life's happiness with him!

However, as wonderful as he is, it's not always easy to buy Handsome Hubby presents.  Unless there is something really big he wants, there just aren't very many choices.  I mean really,  how many blue golf shirts can one guy wear?  I had a few little things for him but nothing special.  Then I went to the auction!! (I told you there is ALWAYS something great that comes out of that place!)  It was the end of the night and they were done with the furniture.  I was waiting to see about some restaurant ware dishes when they started pulling out pictures.  Now, I am no artist but I do appreciate paintings that someone took the time and talent to complete.  I like what I like and that's about all I can tell you...sometimes it's the quirky things that strike me!  Anyway, they put this baby up and I thought, "Oooh, Handsome Hubby won't be expecting that!  And it would really look pretty great at the ranch!"  Yeah me!  I got it for $5!!!  I love it!  

Guess what!  Handsome Hubby was surprised.  He definitely was not expecting an oil on board painting of an elk for his birthday! :)  But, I think he actually kind of likes it and will like it more when I get it hung at the ranch.  

The next little beauty is a painting I bought at the last auction.  I don't know why but I just  couldn't pass it up either.  I thought it would give our booth a little something-something and someone might love it.  Then I got it home, hung it in my kitchen and now, I don't want to part with it.  

Looking at these two pictures together makes me laugh!  Oh, such unexpected funny stuff.

Handsome Hubby and Me! 

Have a great day!

Oh, and check out our Pick Me! page for some new stuff!