Saturday, May 14, 2011

Farm fresh green desk

This little desk has now gone to live with Rebecca and Jack!  Thanks!

Sabrina purchased this little pine desk a while back with great plans for her nephew.  Unfortunately he decided it wasn't quite what he wanted but, his loss was my gain!!  It ended up in my garage and on my quest to clean things out this week, it was first on the project hit list!

As most of our regular followers know, I happily live in Alabama but LOVE when we spend time on our ranch in Texas!  I love the smell of the grass, the wide open spaces, and the freshness of country living.  The kids and I are planning our summer vacation and we are quickly moving towards loading up for the ranch.  With that in mind....Sabrina's little desk got a fresh country makeover!

 I started by priming it and then giving it three quick coats of this fresh green I found on the Ooops! cart at Lowe's not too  long ago.  When everything was dry, the green was a little brighter than I anticipated and the white wooden knobs were awfully stark too.  All was quickly remedied with a little distressing and a coat of dark wax.  When the wax started to dry I gave it a quick buff and then lined the drawers with some fancy fun wrapping paper.

Now it was time for a chair.  This little cane chair was in a group of chairs I purchased at my favorite auction several months back.  Remember, I am on the quest to clean out the garage and everything needs to GO!  I gave the chair two coats of bright white, slightly distressed it and then used the same dark wax to rub it all down.  Perfect!
Again, here in one last shot the before and after:

2 projects down, only 98 (or so) more to go before we head to the ranch!!  I'd better get back to work.....


These treasures will now be available on the Pick Me page or our Facebook page (search Artichoke Alley).

Measurements:  42"L x 30"T x 16.5"W
Desk:  $115
Chair:  $30


  1. What a sweet and fun pair! The ranch sounds heavenly!!!

  2. love that color, and the chair is too cute.msm

  3. oh my goodness!!!!! i am in love- that green is so awesome! seiously in love. i need to use my kelly green again. right now.

  4. I heart that green! Really nice choice!

  5. Very cute! Love the paper in the drawers.