Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine!

It's a gorgeous morning here however, it was one of those mornings where most of my family had a hard time getting out of bed.  My little Cowboy was up and dressed before I even drug myself to the coffee pot and Sugar Bug almost had to be pulled to the car by her little pink toes.  So, I am having one more cup of coffee, catching up with you friends, and then it's off to work on some projects that have taken me far too long! 

Today's list of projects will include some stripping...the 40ish PTA attending mother type that is...and I REALLY hope this will be the last of it on these two particular pieces!  I guess I'll also work on some laundry, paint some mirrors, upholster another vanity bench, and run a few errands that I've been putting off all week.  Does all that sound too familiar to really be interesting?  Sorry-just keeping it real!
Okay, so pictures of another project recently finished - a french provincial coffee table.  This was a fabulous find and when I first brought it home I really just wanted to get rid of the hideous 70's cream with gold fleck's paint, sand the top and stain it darker, and call it done! 
However, after it sat a few days, I noticed two deep gouges in the top.  No amount of sanding was getting those puppies out with damaging the rest of the surrounding areas so paint was my best option. I sanded, cleaned, primed and then painted the base in a deep navy and the top in my latest personally mixed creamy white.  I then dry brushed the creamy white all over the base.  I sanded everything smooth and then heavily distressed the base and the outer edge of the top.  I glazed the bottom in a dark walnut/glaze mix and the top in a dark walnut wax.  I love the aged look on such a classic french provincial piece!

Time to get to work.  I hope it's a fabulous day wherever you are. 

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