Friday, April 8, 2011

Country to Classy!

A couple of weeks ago I did a server (HERE) for a super nice couple.  When the husband came to pick up the server, he brought a piece that was being given to them from his mother -in-law.  It was  a great piece but just needed a new fresh look!
I started to sand before I took the pictures....but you get the jist!

A couple new coats of paint, a little distressing, some glaze, and new knobs and we've gone from country to classy!!

I can just imagine this in their kitchen with a few wonderful treasures displayed.  It has the perfect space to store away kitchen gadgets and still add some great character in the room!

Thanks Niki (and Jesse)!  I hope you love it!


  1. Beautiful! I love the colors, it will coordinate nicely with the buffet.

  2. a great new face on a special piece to go from one part of the family to another. Another job well-done, Lisa. msm