Saturday, April 9, 2011

Special Pin and Cove Washstand

Sabrina bought this great washstand  awhile back and had it in her garage just waiting for the perfect makeover.  Then we received an e-mail from Pat asking for it to be redone in a fresh cream with slight distressing.  

Sabrina got to work only to discover this piece was even better than she first thought.  The drawers were all put together with "pin a cove" dovetails.  If you are looking to identify the age of furniture, these pin and cove dovetails were an American design starting int he late 1870's.  They were popular in America and Canada until the late 1890's but never gained worldwide acceptance.  So, to find these on this little washstand, we know it was built sometime in between the 18070's and probably the 1890's and most likely is  American made.

As she continued to strip and the piece, Sabrina realized that the side panels and the little door were each a solid piece of wood that was hand carved with all the detailing.   How can you not absolutely love a piece that was put together so well and with such attention to detail?!  I was really afraid I was going to have to call Pat and say something like "Uumm, we have a little issue with your washstand.  Sabrina, has moved it into hiding and is no longer taking phone calls!  I'm so sorry!" 

But alas, she brought it over all finished and ready for delivery.  It is the most adorable little washstand on the face of this earth!  It was painted a light cream and then slightly distressed and glazed.  Sabrina replaced the hardware because a few pieces were missing and damaged (imagine that!) and then she lined the drawers with a beautiful blue and cream toile print paper. She shined up the marble (Did I even mention that before?!...Yes, marble!!).  GORGEOUS!! 

We love it and we hope Pat does it too!

Have a great Saturday! 

P.S.  You can see that my little artist was out helping too....staging isn't really our strong suit!


  1. That just looks amazing!!

  2. I am in love with this piece. Beautiful!

  3. That is so darling! Love the color on it!

  4. Why did you paint it ? You had such a beautiful piece . You made it ugly . Sorry , I love the natural beauty of woods . To each his own .