Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old to stylishly bold

Recently a client,  brought several pieces for makeovers.  The first piece was the zebra chair (HERE) I wrote about yesterday and the next on the list was this little dresser.   It was obvious the dresser had absolutely been used and loved over the years and Melissa wasn't really sure if it was worth any more than sentimental value to her because it had come from her grandmother.   I quickly assured her that a good old oak dresser always has value, especially when you add in the grandma factor!!

The oak was once beautiful but over the years it had become chipped, warped, and the drawers were just barely staying together.  A couple of the knobs were missing but Melissa, owner of Salon Papillon,  wanted it to sit next to the zebra chair and coordinate without being too matchy matchy.   

I started by gluing all the drawers back together, filling all the holes and scratches in and then sanding everything down.   I primed is with two good coats of Kilz sanding between each.  Then it was time for the paint.  I picked a cream color I thought looked great with the fabric but when I got the initial coat on, it looked a little too yellow so I mixed in another cream I had on hand that had a little more of a gray undertone and loved it!  I ended up giving it three good coats of paint with sanding in between each one just to get it as smooth and even as I like.

I trimmed the drawers in the French Roast of the chair and then lined them with the coordinating zebra fabric.  Finally, I went through my stash of knobs and found two more wooden knobs that were the perfect size.  I primed and painted them French Roast as well so that they would stand out from the dresser just little and then distressed and glazed her all over with a very light antique glaze.

Again, I forgot the pictures until everything was set up out in the driveway for Melissa to come pick up.  The sun was setting and it was not picture perfect lighting...this last one, I tried to take without the flash and thought it looked great until I downloaded!  Sorry but, I think you get the idea! 

This was a fun set to finish.  Thanks Melissa!
And one more set of before and afters....




  1. I love that dresser!!!! I like the shape!!

    Great job!!! Zebra print - awesome!!

  2. How fun is that furniture!!! I'm sure Melissa was thrilled when she saw it.

  3. again, just gorgeous!!! love the surprise in the drawers.

  4. Salon Papillon will look fab with the new additions...msm