Friday, January 7, 2011

Black Buffet

As I was just getting my little business started, I purchased this buffet off Craigslist.  It had that 1970's ugly fruitwood dated feel, was not the very best quality of furniture but, it was the right price and had great potential!   In order to give it a more updated look, I thought it would be best to use the bottom half as a stand alone buffet and just keep the top for  a future project.  

 I didn't get a "true" before picture but, here are both pieces before I had gotten too far.
And the buffet after......

I sanded everything down, primed it several times, painted it black,  spray painted the hardware, and painted the inside of the cabinet silver!   It was sold within 24 hours and I was hooked on trying new things and really making a go of this new adventure!



  1. That looks a million times better! I like the unexpected silver inside. Thanks for your kind comment on my chair. I am new at this so positive feedback is great. Looking forward to seeing more great transformations!

  2. It looks very chic! I would love to see the inside silver color! I'll bet it felt great to sell it that fast! :)