Thursday, January 20, 2011

Try, try again!

Once upon a time I found a great little desk at my favorite little thrifting spot......

And I worked to fix him up until I was happy when he was done (here). 

 I took the desk to the booth, just sure it would sell quickly however, NO SUCH LUCK!!

I decided I should give it another try.  It was gray but maybe just not the right color of gray so after hitting it with steel wool all over, I applied several more coats of poly to the top.  I mixed the paint I used the first time with some leftover black paint until I got a darker gray shade that I liked.

I painted one coat of the new shade and then when it was dry, I used the steel wool all over again to smooth things out and add a little extra dimension to it (Thanks to Kim at Second Time Furniture!).   Then I hit it with my little mouse sander, applied one coat of poly all over, and replaced the paper in the drawers.  

I am loving it!!  If it doesn't go this time around.....I'm just going to have to find a spot for it to stay here!!

Off to basketball!  Have a great night!


  1. I love the distressing! What an eye for detail!

  2. Beautiful! I am about to do a desk - so I am getting all kinds of ideas. I can't wait to start.

  3. I saw your earlier post about the chair and wondered how I had possibly missed this fab desk! I liked it light, but it is so, so pretty in the darker gray! It looks very classy!

    What did you think about the steel wool trick?

    I'll bet it sells tomorrow!!! :)

  4. Just gotta tell you...the salad dressing worked great!!! Thanks for the tip. The bed, the dresser, the stand-up desk and the grandmother's rocker looked and felt much better.