Friday, January 7, 2011

Red plate rack

Several years ago my husband and I built a ranch house on our property in Texas.  For now, this is a place where our families can meet to celebrate the holidays, spend vacations, and just enjoy but eventually this is where Handsome Hubby and I will retire.  Getting to the point of building the house was a long 12 year journey with a lot of saving and planning involved however, we were still on a very tight budget and knew that the inside of the house would continue to be a work in progress!  

Well, one of the areas we are still working on is the kitchen.  We had lower cabinets installed but,  I wanted an awesome plate rack up top.  This plate rack has be large enough to hold all the dishes for the masses that meet at the ranch,  strong enough to hold the sturdy restaurant ware dishes we use there, and add some character and color!  Oh, and within my already spent budget!  Hhhmmm...

I've searched, looked, and oogled many but have not been able to find anything that met all the requirements so, it just had to be built!  

I redid the bottom half of a hutch (here)  awhile back but kept the top half because it just didn't work with the bottom anymore.   Knowing I had searched long and hard, my sister, Meg, worked her magic and  installed all the dowels for plates, added a bottom shelf (where it used to sit on top of the buffet), and added some dividers for reinforcement.  I painted it a bright red, slightly distressed it, and glazed it all over.  The back was cheapo paneling but painted white and heavily glazed, it looks more like beadboard!  Handsome Hubby and Meg hung it on Christmas Eve and we all got to enjoy it for the rest of the holidays... I LOVE IT!

Stacked in the garage, just waiting for something good to happen!

Rotated so you can get the real idea......

And after....


I am still working on getting all my dishes on there the way I want them but, I LOVE their new home!   



  1. Very cool! I've not added parts to a piece, only refinished. Love adding the dowels for plate racks, I've been looking for one for ages. Now I will look at pieces in a different light when I am out.

  2. Your shelf looks great. I love the red!

  3. Lisa,
    It looks fabulous! What a great idea to use that piece for your kitchen! Sounds like an amazing place to retire!
    Kim :)

  4. What a great transformation! I'm amazed at those that have the vision to change structural components and make something fabulous!

  5. Why does red always look so much nicer in someone elses home? I tried it once on a small table and i just couldn't make peace with it! :) lol

  6. I love your plate rack! Isn't RED wonderful!
    Jessica@The Rented Cottage Life

  7. Wow ! That is adorable !!!!

    I just found your blog and I'm off to investigate !

    thanks for sharing,

  8. Hi, Lisa! This is so beautiful, I esp. love how you painted the back of the piece white so it sort of blends with the wall behind and looks light and airy. This is my first time visiting, what a beautiful blog you guys have created! Thanks for visiting mine - nice to meet you!

  9. I LOVE THIS!!! It's so great (the red is outstanding) and looks like it was meant to be that way all the time! Awesome job to all who were involved!! :)