Monday, January 31, 2011

Pub Table.....or for Tea!

Good Monday Morning, Blogland!!

We are officially in Firehouse Antiques as of last Friday!!!  Woop-woop!  However, we have SO much more space, the booth looked naked when we left.  We made a very quick trip Saturday morning to take a few more items and move some of the stuff from the other booth...okay, it looked a little better.  I worked furiously on some projects yesterday and will be making another trip this morning.  I promise pictures of the after will be posted this afternoon after this load!!  It is looking pretty stinkin' cute and I am very excited about the days ahead!

With all that being said, this will be a quick post so that I can get loading and on the road.  

A good while back, I bought two "pub" tables at the auction.  It was late into the night and for some odd reason (they were looking a little the worse for wear!), no one else bid on them!  Last week I decided I'd better get one of them done for the new space and started working on it. 

It needed a little wood putty, some sanding, and to be restained.  Because of the wood putty on the top, I didn't have many options except to paint that portion but, I really liked the stained legs so, I painted the inset square and stained the rest to match the legs.  Then I painted the rings on the legs to match the top.  Finally, I glazed it all and added a couple quick coats of polycrylic.  I love it!


These pictures were taken in the booth and the coloring is awful!  
Sorry! Hopefully you can get the idea!

About those chairs.....
Most of you know I have a serious weakness for chairs and when they started bringing those out at the last auction, I just couldn't help myself.  I ended up with more than I really need but come on, are they not the cutest?!  And they were all very sturdy!  I thought a little seat cover with a ruffle mights help add a little color and tie in with the cream on the table.  Lovin' it!

Have a great day!  More pictures to post later!! :)

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