Friday, November 12, 2010

Craigslist find!

There are many things that I love about furniture but two things that can really make a piece sing to me: #1 a great price and #2 a great story!  Now, I also love great legs, cubby holes, chippy paint, worn surfaces that show something was used, chairs..... But, price and a story just put it right over the top every day!

So, this week I came across a piece that I am just    not    sure  I will be able to part with!  The price was right and you can decide about the story....

I saw this little piece on Craigslist at the very beginning of the week and I immediately oohed, aaahh'd and exclaimed how full my garage is.  But,  like any true furniture hoarder lover would do,  I sent an e-mail.  The man replied that he would only be available from 7-8pm that evening and he had 2 other people coming then to look at it.   Decision2, decisions.....I really didn't want to get into a bidding war over this little thing and going at that time in the evening is difficult at best so, I regretfully responded that I wouldn't be able to be there but, if it didn't sell, please let me know. 

Fast forward several days and on a day when I had no less than 12 million things to do, I thought I would quickly skim Craigslist as my 5 minute break before I had to bust out the door! THERE she WAS!  I figured the post just hadn't been deleted but, I wrote that it might just be wishful thinking but??......the owner said if I could come right over he would wait on me!  For just a split second I started to mentally review my to do list but no sooner than I could get to #2, I said, "Okay, I'll be right there!"  

I begged by sister to not only go with me (so I wouldn't be Craigslisting it by myself!) but, also to drive so that I could get some little things done on the way!  I was writing, tying sales tags and reading the directions when my phone started ringing.  My Cowboy wasn't feeling well at school so while trying to handle that, I gave Meg the street number and she backed into the drive.  After much discussion about a tummy ache, to which the only viable option appeared to be me coming to the school to get him, I told Cowboy I'd be there just as soon as I could get back across town.  Meg and I rang the doorbell, knocked on the door, looked around a little but, no answer!  At this point I was thinking, "Are you kidding me?"  My boy's sick 30 mins away, I've totally screwed up my "To Do" list, AND he's not here!  I went to check the directions again.....we were at the right number, wrong street!  Ooops~  I forgot to read the last step of the directions to Meg and we still had one more turn to make!  

My little treasure was sitting in the driveway calling to us from half-way down the block! After a very quick perusal and a little negotiation, we loaded her up, gave a little wave and were off to the school!  The To-Do list was shot and I was just hoping I wasn't going to be dealing the all the stuff that normally comes with a "bad" tummy ache!!  

The tummy ache seemd to have passed by the time I got there and Cowboy was running across the field to make a spectacular soccer goal just as I walked out to the PE fields!! AAARGH!  I was VERY glad that we were not going to be spending the rest of the day in the bathroom with a bucket but, seriously??  He was SO not sick that he decided he should just stay at school, finish out the soccer game, and ride the bus home!  

My little secretary may just have to stay with me for a while!  I love her.  She is cuuute and has all the parts that may just make her one of my favorites!  She was a great price with a pretty good story!  And I like that little thrill that comes when things don't quite work out like you planned but, at the end of the day you can look back and say it all worked out for the best!    My Cowboy is healthy, I spent time with my sister, the people that live a 111 _____? were not home, everything on my To-Do list got done ...eventually, and I have a new treasure in the already overfull garage!!

LOVE IT!  How about you? Don't you just think this would be too cute in SO many places and in oh so many different ways?



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  1. I think it is a wonderful piece! I am glad your little cowboy is not sick after all!