Monday, November 1, 2010

Book Fair Days!

I spent the morning catching up around here and then off to work at the Book Fair at the kids' school!  It's always fun to watch all the kids get excited about "shopping" and looking at the books.  I love checking out what everyone is reading and trying to figure out what my kiddos will want to add to our stash here at home.  Tomorrow I'll work again and my kids will each get to come while I'm there and pick out their purchases.  We'll see if they pick some of the books I think they will!  

I also made a run out to the booth to pick up some things I was thinking needed a little change.  I was VERY excited to see that my "smoking stand" sold along with a little green end table!!  The kids, my sister Meg, and I had to do a little happy dance right there in the aisle!!  I was so worried that the smoking stand just wasn't going to call to anyone! 

This little table and a small little shelf are what I brought home to work on.  I think the turquoise two-tiered table is so cute but, it might just be a bit too bright for most.  It's been in the booth for a little while now and I think I'll just change it up slightly to see what might happen.  

Have a great rest of your day!  



  1. I new that smoking stand would go fast! It was awesome!

  2. That little table is cute! That color blue is so popular now days! I too love that color!

    I'm glad you liked my dresser from Better After, because now I have the link to your blog too!