Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day!

This is one of my favorite holidays!  I really think it's absolutely necessary for us to acknowledge the people who choose to join a service and "serve" our country and the American people!  Thank you to all the veteran's who have represented this country in peace and in war!

Personally, I would like to acknowledge the service of all three of my grandfathers, two of my uncles, my father, my step-father, and my Handsome Hubby.  And, although not veteran's yet, I'd like to thank people like my sister, Erin, my friend Kathy, CPT Nick Craig, SPC Chris Reagan, and others still on active duty and continuing to insure our freedom!

Today the kids and I are off to do whatever we feel like because we are Americans and have that freedom!!

Have a great day and enjoy what ever you are able to do!


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  1. Wow! It seems as though you have many people in your life to be proud of! My thanks to them as well! :)