Friday, November 12, 2010

Open House!

Off to the booth this morning's OPEN HOUSE time!!!

If you happen to be in the Huntsville, Alabama area anytime this weekend please stop in for a visit.  There will be door prize, snacks, and holiday sales!

 Holiday Open House at Packard's Antiques
 11110 South Memorial Parkway
Fri, Sat, Mon:  10:00-6:00
Sun: 12:00-5:00

The Artichoke Alley booth is located on the far left aisle, about half-way down and on the left.  I will be stopping in and out throughout the weekend and I would love to meet anyone that can stop by.

I had great plans to get everything set up while the kids were in school on Wednesday but as things sometimes go, that didn't happen SO, after school we all trooped out there to set up and decorate!  Just picture for a moment:  huge warehouse full of antiques, 1 very athletic 9 year old boy, 1 very curious and precocious 5 year old girl and 2 busy-bee women!!!  If the video cameras were working, I'm sure it was entertaining! are a few pictures of what's going on down there!

Hope to see you there!  



  1. Your booth looks great! Hope y'all have a big weekend!

  2. Lovely things! I'll bet you all did look funny setting your goodies up! :)

  3. I love to see pictures of other peoples booths. I have a booth myself.
    Thanks for posting and the inspiration. Kerri