Friday, December 3, 2010

The furniture sometimes talks!

While I was making my little Craigslist pick-up the other day, I decided to make a side trip to a thrift store that can really be hit or miss.  Well, this time it was a HIT!!!

Just a little background..... my little sister Meg, while working on her MBA, is living with us and has taken over my budget spreadsheet.  I tell you she knows down to the penny, what I've spent, what I've earned, and where my little business stands financially.   SO, she has sort of hinted that we have enough inventory right now but.....this little bedroom set screamed, "HELP ME!!!"  I couldn't walk away.  Well, not twice anyway!  I did try but, I just couldn't actually drive away from the store without talking to the workers and then negotiating a little.  Meg was saying something about the garage, the list of projects, the budget and I could see her lips moving but....."HELP ME!" was all I could really hear! Oh, and the lady that said she would take 1/3 off the already great price!

Before she could say too much more, Meg was helping carry a bed, chifferobe, and nightstand out to the truck!  I'll have to catch up on some projects and hopefully the budget will work itself out but I know I heard "THANK YOU!" when I closed the tailgate!

Don't you think these little guys deserved rescuing?  The black might not have been so bad if it weren't high gloss, sloppy, and then my personal favorite was the previous owners addition of the creepy silver spiky corner things!!  But, I do love the casters and the lines so, I think they will be gooorgeous when finished!


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  1. I absolutely DOES talk! My husband doesn't hear it, though :-) Can't wait to see how you improve these already-great pieces!
    Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!