Friday, December 3, 2010


This year, like many others in America, we are really trying to scale back on the Christmas presents.  I am trying to make, redo, and be creative with my present giving but I still want everyone to LOVE everything they get!! With all that being said, I have been combing Craigslist for a few things that I think could be remade for some of the special people in my life.  

SCORE....on Wed. I found something that will be a huge hit (once it is loved on a little bit).  I can't say too much because well, it's going to be a gift and I don't want the surprise ruined should someone special be reading this however, when it's all said and done, before and afters WILL be posted. 

One of the best parts of this Craigslist pickup was that it was a stay-at-home Dad that I dealt with.  Dad, Malcolm (2), and Lucy (4) answered the door.  Lucy proceeded to tell me all about her birthday, their recent move, and her brother's potty training issues.  To which, Malcolm stripped down, climbed on the couch and started jumping from couch to couch to table!!  Dad calmly got out the screwdriver to take apart my purchase!  

Later, I got an e-mail saying Lucy would like the lady with the August birthday to send pictures of the "present" in it's new home!  I'm sure she has no idea this little treasure will travel great distances before it is in it's new home BUT, I did promise to send pictures when it's done!

Don't you just love it when people surprise you and it's fun?!  As I was checking off my to-do list and fitting in this little side trip, Lucy, Malcolm, and laid back Dad were NOT what I expected!

Hope you have a pleasant surprise in your day!


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