Monday, December 13, 2010

Sawdust, Sanding, and Nightmares!

I hardly slept at all last night because I kept having nightmares that I didn't finish this armoire in time for a little girl's birthday on Saturday.....when I picked this up from her Mom in November, I had PLENTY of time....what happened?!?!  Anyway, after dreaming of all the awful reasons I couldn't get this done, I jumped right on it this morning.  Well, after making breakfast, getting everyone dressed and dropped off at school (on time, thankfully!) that is.

It was snowing outside and the wind was blowing like crazy; it was freezing in Alabama this morning!!!  But I worked like a Tazmanian Devil.  I sanded, I stripped, I sanded and blew everything clean with the air compressor.  I had to remove the top because it was damaged beyond repair and was no longer a very good "roof".  I cut a new piece, sanded, and fit it in place.....with a little muscle and will power.  I finished just in time to go get the kids from the school bus so they wouldn't have to walk in the freezing wind.

Oh, and did I mention that we received a "Flat Stanley" from a little girl in Texas?!  Well, we did and every time I have talked to my Mom (who gave our address to the Flat Stanley sender) she has asked what we've done with Flat Stanley.  Well Mom, Flat Stanley got to see the inside of a very cold and dirty garage today!  Tomorrow he should get to see something more exciting since we will be going on a Kindergarten field trip to Santa's Village!
File:Flat stanley.jpg
For those of you that aren't aware, Flat Stanley is a 1964 children's book written by Jeff Brown (1926 – December 3, 2003) and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. It is the first in a series of books featuring Stanley Lambchop, a completely flat boy.  We will be escorting Flat Stanley around with us during the next week.  Mom, I got this!  Don't worry, I will show him the sights and you will be proud! :)

The armoire will be stained tonight after everyone is tucked in bed and THEN I will sleep very soundly!

Take care.


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  1. Oh man, I can feel the pressure! :) I'm sure it will look lovely!