Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks and Sorry!


Lots to tell:
Not sure if ya'll remember the highchair, but sweet pregnant Kim came yesterday to pick it up.  Her mother-in-law bought if for them as a gift and she was thrilled with how it turned out!  She sent the nicest thank you note after she got home; isn't that the best part of this?!  Thanks again Kim and MIL!

Thanks to Handsome Hubby for buying tickets to Disney on Ice!  He is away on travel and left the tickets as a surprise for us and boy, were the kids surprised!  It was a school night (ugh!) and Cowboy was not sure he wanted to sit through 7 singing princesses but, Sugar Bug was thrilled.....until she started complaining about a tummy ache.  Hhhmmm, no fever, no cough, let's just go potty and see what happens I thought.  Everything seemed well you hear it coming?!?!

We had seats so close, you could feel the shavings of ice as the skaters moved around but, Sugar Bug would not leave my lap.  This is so unlike my baby that I really did start to wonder about her tummy ache.  After the 6th princess did her thing, they announced an intermission and the lights came on.  My girl, the strong willed steel tongued 5 year old I love SO much, very quickly and quietly pulled a Taco Bell bag from her coat pocket and proceeded to get very sick right there in the middle of a million giggling girls.  UUUGH!   As cool as a cucumber, she said, "Mom, I need a wet wipe and I think we'll have to skip Cinderella!"  No kidding?!?!

SO sorry to anyone sitting close to us last night....I sincerely hope we didn't spread anything!

Although I hadn't planned on having kids home today, when Cowboy climbed in bed at 3:30am complaining of his tummy I decided this might be the perfect day to get some of the ornaments on the tree (finally) and watch Cinderella on DVD!  Oh, and did I mention the boy that didn't want to see the dancing princesses really wanted his sick sister to just stick it out and stay for the Cinderella show after she puked her guts up.....he really didn't want to miss the best part!?!?!  Two thumbs up for Disney on Ice: Princess Classics! and an opportunity to discuss sibling compassion!

While at the ranch last week, in total peace and quiet, I watched a very red sun rise off in the distance.  Although it was dark when I got up this morning, I couldn't see the rising sun and am thinking back on this bit of beauty.  I hope for healthy children when they wake!
I have some great furniture projects planned for the next 2 weeks (I promise!!) and will post pics as soon as I get to work!  Hope everyone has a great day!


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