Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Days!

Oh, it's been SO crazy here for almost two weeks!  I know everyone is busy this time of year but I had to get up extra early this morning just to get a few quiet minutes alone and finally post something!

As most of you know, we headed out the Friday before Thanksgiving so that we could spend a whole week at our ranch in Texas!  This is one of our favorite times of the year and we all look forward to gathering at the ranch to hang out and celebrate.  Now, getting there is usually much harder than hosting 30 or more people!  Driving across the United States with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a Suburban full of stuff has made for many a good story BUT, don't you worry, this trip we added my sister's horse dog to the mix and were pulling a U-Haul full of furniture for my other sister's new house!  Oh, the stories to tell!!  If only I could have been a fly on the wall instead of in the middle of it!

Before we could even begin loading the U-Haul, our wild child dog busted through the wire fence and was gone.  After a long and tiring search, she was recovered but not before many uuuugly words were exchanged between me, my sister, and my husband!  Then Meg and I started loading the U-Haul.  We moved and repositioned and moved some more!  Finally it was loaded and I started on the Suburban!  We were PACKED!

We started the trip in the dark hours of the morning and finally got to my Mom's in the dark hours of the evening.  There, we had to unload and repack half the trailer so that The Col. (my step-dad) could take it the rest of the way to Colorado and deliver to Erin's doorstep.  We were all tired, a little cranky (maybe an understatement, but honest nonetheless), and ready to get to the ranch!  We decided to get a good nights rest and start again the next morning.

The night was restless and I really think we all woke up crankier than we went to bed.  But, just when things couldn't get much crazier, we looked around and Meg's precious, first born, horse dog, was missing!!!!  We split into three teams and started combing the neighborhood.  If you live in the Mesquite area and were awakened by people screaming "REBEL" at the tops of their lungs.....I'm SO sorry!  Anyway, just when I was getting a little frantic, my cell phone rang....UUUGGGG, it was Meg!  I really thought it was parental six-sense and I was going to have to admit losing her only child but no, the local (Texas) Fire Department had called to tell her Rebel was eating breakfast at their house and would be ready to go home anytime!  Thank goodness he was was safe BUT, I was NOT HAPPY with the dog and this doesn't even touch on my already cranky husband's feelings!

As we got closer and closer to the ranch, miraculously Handsome Hubby's mood brightened.  We got there early enough to unload and get ready for an evening hunt which made for at least 3 VERY happy people!

Nothing palatial but, the place that makes me take a deep breath and smile!
This is the first installment of a series that will have to be continued later.....I must get moving to go make Christmas ornaments with Sugar Bug and her Kindergarten class!

Hope you are getting in the holiday spirit and I promise there won't be such long lapses in blogging again until Christmas!


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