Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days where some of the scores were great and some were not!  My son's football team lost in double overtime and on the fourth down!  That stinks!  His team played a great game, put up a very tough fight and my "Cowboy" did his best!  I love that part but, for all their hard work, you would just really love for them to win in those final seconds.  I was a very proud Mom but it was still a hard loss.

Then there was my daughter's soccer game.  They lost soundly.  I would say I have somewhat of a competitive spirit and therefore, that again stinks!  However, my "Sugar Bug" is more about the social aspect of soccer than the it being a girl or is it being 5?!......she really didn't seem to notice the slaughter taking place on the field!  UGH!

My handsome hubby was already taking the morning football loss hard and was looking forward to a big win to brighten his day unfortunately, the Red Raiders just didn't bring their best game against Texas!  I was in the auction and didn't really give two figs about the game until the very end when they posted the score on the TV and I happened to see it as I went for a pack of energy inducing peanut M & M's!   Quite frankly, at that point, I was so excited about my treasures, I was slightly disappointed for the hubs but more seriously concerned with how I was going to get everything home and stored in the garage.  Do you remember playing those games where the blocks fall and you have to properly rotate and stack them to in order get them to disappear and build points?!?    Anyway, I scored BIG at the auction!  I love everything I bought and am not sure that I will want to part with some of my purchases.  Oh, and there was SO much more I would have loved to come home with.

Do you have any ideas where I would have put it? 

The truck looked like the Beverly Hillbillies and I'm quite sure Sabrina's van could have been a convincing commercial on the capacity capabilities of minivan's!  

Another great night at the auction!!! 

I will post pics tomorrow of some of our scores!

P.S.....The Oktoberfest was a huge hit with the kids.  Thanks to great friends!

P.S.S.  The sister and boyfriend are here!  Yeah!  The boyfriend survived being with the fam all by himself and he hasn't packed to leave yet.  Truth be told, he hasn't really unpacked either!! 

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