Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A few more items have moved out of Artichoke Alley and on to new homes.  I'm excited for the new owners but, it was hard to part with a couple of those babies!  

Love, love, love this.....and SO excited for the new family it is going to!

It was so great to have a nice pair of legs in the house even if it was only for a short period of time....I will miss this beautiful old girl!

And now on to the next bit of exciting news!  I will be flying to Colorado tomorrow for a long weekend with my sister, Erin!  We will be house hunting for her while the handsome hubby and my little sister, Meg, are back here holding down the fort.  I am very excited and a bit apprehensive all at once.  It isn't often that I go anywhere without my children nor is it often that Meg, my single smart college student sister, has to be a Work at Home Mom!  I know that Handsome Hubby will do his part and all will be fine however, if you happen to see my children wearing pj's at the ballpark or eating cotton candy for breakfast, please remember it's just a short weekend and what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!  I will remind Meg that this should also be her motto for the weekend! :)

I on the other hand, although apprehensive, look forward to ordering meals that I won't be sharing, going to the bathroom all by myself, and actually finishing an entire chapter in a mindless girl book without being interrupted 67 times!  Oh yeah, and I hope in our house hunting adventure we find the perfect first home too!

I will keep you posted!


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