Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day surprise!

Yesterday things were crazy around here with Valentine's Day celebrations, school activities, furniture deadlines, fence projects, Craigslist postings and then.....I saw these listed!!  I really did not need to be looking to buy but, I just can't help it!

Never have I had quite an experience like that.....it's so funny now, it cracks me up!  I'm so lucky to have my sister here and willing to go on my excursions on a whim!

Are you ready?   
So, I called and talked to the very nice college student who was selling these.  She said to come on over and meet her at her apartment because she was on her way home from class.  As she tried to open the door, the chain caught.  She looked puzzled, knocked and the door swung slightly open giving us a quick glimpse of sprinkled rose petals!  Aaargh.....we walked into a Valentine's surprise!  AWKWARD!

Meg and I backed off and the girl disappeared into the apartment.  We both giggled and were heading back down the stairs figuring we wouldn't be picking any furniture up today, when she called out to us to come on in.  Hmmmm, really?!?!  Meg looked at me like I was crazy as I tentatively opened the door not know quite what to expect!

Anyway, the boyfriend was gone, the roommate was home, and apparently the stage was just being set for later in the day (wink! wink!).   I don't think I've ever loaded a dining room table, 4 chairs, and 2 end tables down a flight of stairs so fast and I know I usually negotiate and inspect things much more closely!  Oh well.  The whole thing just still makes me laugh and now I have these to show for it:

How was your Valentine's Day?  I hope it was filled with love, laughter, and true happiness.


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