Monday, February 7, 2011


This week is going to be a crazy one filled with school activities, book reports, evening meetings, Bunco, and projects!  I started sanding like a crazy woman this morning and plan on priming in just a little bit.  Hopefully painting will start tomorrow!!

Here are the projects on the table:

I may also pick a chair or two out of the garage to work on to go with these desks/vanities but, can't decide on which ones right now! 

For now I'm trying to decide on colors!!  Hhhhmmm...I'd really love to swing into a few of my favorite hardware stores and check out their Ooops! paints but, I should probably use up some of the zillion I have here!  What can I say, I'm just a girl that likes choices!

Have a great day!



  1. Thanks Lisa for dropping by. I know, i love that lamp too. By sheer luck, I found it at a little shop in Rockport TX on final clearance. it was 2 Easters ago. I would SO love to find a desk with nice deep drawers like that one you have. I've been wanting to create some little vertical cubbies on legs from drawers for our long hallway. you know, instead of a standard credenza or console table. Do you ever run across drawers not attached to furniture? Not sure whether I'm likely to be successful in this quest...hmmm. Hope you have a wonderful week :) Diane @ home sweet homemade

  2. Fabulous things! I'll bet you make them beautiful!!