Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring looks to be springing!

Spring is springing around here!  The weather was SO nice early in the week making it the perfect time to pull a few things out of the garage and get to work!

I have much to tell and little time to get it all in so, here is a little preview:

An awesomely heavy 7 drawer desk, better known around here as the Nona and Papa desk because that's how the wonderful couple introduced themselves when we went to pick up this Craigslist find.
A beautiful little 3 drawer dresser fit for princesses of all shapes and sizes.  I especially love the diamond placed front and center for all to see!   Also a Craigslist find from another very nice couple that had garage sale/Craigslist organization down to a fine art with index cards included!
With all the desks being worked on around here, my own little princess decided that she really needs a pink one befitting her position!  Then, while digging around helping Sabrina in her garage, look what we found!!  I'm not sure she was ready to part with it but because it was for the only princess she personally knows and it cleared a little more space for the upcoming auction, she was quickly convinced to help me load it!
While that might seem like enough, it wasn't!  There was a table taking up way too much room in the garage and also hit the list for this week!
Then there were chairs....

And finally, there were school activities, baseball/softball tryouts, and plays to attend!!!  

Oh, oh, oh!  I can't forget the lovely heirloom rocking chair I picked up from a new client!  She wants it totally stripped down and refinished to surprise her mother at her daughter's upcoming graduation pressure there! :)
I know you have patiently been waiting for all the after pictures and the details but, I'm tired!!!  In the very berry best sort of way!!

Thanks for hanging in there!

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  1. would that table go where the little refrig was? It looks perfect for Brady!! Love that Cowboy and the gap-toothed ballplayer...Don't give her any tobaccy..msm