Saturday, February 5, 2011

French blue

This is my new favorite project...for today anyway!

I've had this chair out in the garage for a while but was intimidated to start on the upholstery.  The seat didn't seem like it would be too very hard but the back!?!?  The curve, the circle, the front and back both having to look great.....
It's been rainy, snowy, cold, and not very conducive to painting so it was time to just bite the bullet and get on with it.

I debated on going funky/modern but ultimately I kept coming back to traditional/classy and just very Miss Mustard Seed.

I started by painting it with a dark turquoise Oops paint.  I have to say, I did get a little scared at this point because it was startlingly bright but, I just kept going in hopes that it would be more subdued once it was finished.  Next, I dry brush a lighter turquoise/gray mix of leftovers on it.  When all the paint was dry, I sanded and roughed it up a bit.  At dinner that night,  as the chair sat in the corner of the dining room, my son and husband both asked when I was going to get started on fixing that "old, dirty looking chair"?  Hhhmph!  Little did they know just gorgeous it would turn out!

The seat went pretty easily and then I started on the back.  Getting the back straight took a little time and A LOT of staples but finally, late into the night when the rest of the house was very quite, I got it to a point I was satisfied with and called it a night.

I started on the front cushion and arms the next morning and had it done before the kids got up for school!  That went MUCH more smoothly than the back!  I think this type of upholstery will get easier with a little more practice!  Anyway, the only thing left was to add some gorgeous trim and hide all the staples.  

Lovin it!  If I didn't have dogs, little kids, and a few too many chairs already, this little one would be staying here!!  But alas, she has made her way to our new booth in hopes of finding a fabulous new home.

Thanks again Miss Mustard Seed (aka Marian) for the inspiration!


I will be linking these to the parties on our Parties tab!


  1. Wow, Lisa! I think you did an absolutely amazing job. The chair is beautiful!

  2. I love this chair. Love, love, love! Great shape and the paint turned out beatiful. Well done!

  3. This turned out incredible! I've been on a chair binge lately and have I few I need to muster up the courage to start working on.

    I could only hope they'll turn out as beautiful as this!


  4. Great job! Love the paint color! Vanna

  5. Incredible job! Such talent. I'm constantly amazed with your before and after results! msm

  6. Gorgeous! It looks so antique! I love it!

  7. your bravery paid off! the chair looks so pretty.