Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coffee and End Table

Little story about a girl, a desk, some tables, and new friends!

Not too long ago I listed a desk on Craigslist.  Courtney responded and after a few e-mails we met for the exchange.  She was one of those girls that's super nice, easy to work with, and that you just instantly like.  She mentioned that she's new to the area and might be interested in a coffee table if I had one available.  Unfortunately, I didn't (at the time) but,  I gave her the blog info and asked her to check us out because you just never know.  Low and behold she did check us out, she saw the Primitive and Proper button from a party and knew Cassie from when she lived in the DC area!  Okay, that really has nothing to do with my story except that I think it's cool that she knows Cassie and I only know her through blogland!  What a small world.

Anyway, a couple days later I found a coffee table and I immediately thought of Courtney.  I went right out (kids in tow) to get the table and the woman ended up clearing off the matching end table at the last minute; Yeah!  I posted the before pics and was SUPER excited to get an e-mail from Courtney asking for more info.   

After a slight delay because of a snow day  (and 4 days later it's almost 70 degrees-go figure) I met her today to deliver her new tables.  Okay, in addition to super nice, she's also funny and you just have to love that!  

Here are the BEFORE:

and AFTER:

I sanded them down from top to bottom.  I primed the bases, painted them a creamy white, slightly distressed them and then glazed with a dark walnut stain and glaze mixture. On the tops, I applied three coats of dark walnut stain to get that rich dark color but still be able to see the gorgeous grain of the wood.  I then applied multiple coats of polycrylic for extra protection from wet glasses, shoes, etc!.

 I think she loved them and that made my day!!  Thanks again Courtney.

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  1. They look amazing, you did an awesome job!

  2. Those.are.gorgeous! Nice work! New follower!

  3. Love the the color combination! Visiting from POWW.

  4. This is such a nice update. The tops are so pretty too.


  5. I love the tables. Love the story. And love Artichoke Alley!!! My place looks so adorable now. I totally need more :)