Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy days and something new to us- consignment (please check it out!)

Yesterday was one of those crazy days!  
We had some of this.....add in the Justin Beiber microphone singing loudly...
Then school, of course.
And painting.  And garage organizing. And loads of laundry(I just did it on Sunday?!?!). And filling holes in the baseball field yard, dug by a very large brown dog. And paying bills.  And trying to get all the tax paperwork together (still).
And then Sugar Bug's brand new glasses were sitting slightly a lot askew on her face after being sat on so we had to make a quick trip to the vision center.
And then Cowboy finally decided he had to have a haircut after his sister started putting her barrettes in his hair while he was watching TV...
And then we had some  of this....
And some of this...
And then, just when the day didn't seem like it would end, Sabrina, Sugar Bug and I went to meet one of the nicest ladies!  She raised 8 kids (I just thought my day was busy), and she is now moving from the family home into a smaller, easier to maintain house.  She is seriously downsizing and having to make decisions on what to keep for her new home and what to part with.  UGH!! Not an easy job for anyone and certainly not after 30 years in the same home with all the memories of family, children, grandchildren, and that portion of her life.  

She was gracious and showed us around telling stories as we went.  As much as Sabrina and I would have LOVED to bring everything home with us, there just isn't enough room at the inns!  We came home with a few treasures we couldn't pass up and made an appointment to go back today to take pictures and get measurements.  We're going to list the items she no longer has room in hopes that some of you will need them she can feel better about her move.   Hopefully that will be a win win for everyone!  Please check out the new items on the Pick Me! and Consignment pages!  There might be something you "need" or want for your home!

As I finally fell in bed last night, I was so thankful!  It was one of those crazy days where I thought I might lose my mind and yet in the end, I was reminded that I'm able to be with the people I love the most in the world, work with great friends in a business (however small it may be) that we enjoy, and meet some awesome people along the way!  

Have a fantastic evening.  Thanks for checking in with us!

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  1. Wow, Lisa! What a busy day! I wish I had the problem of too much good stuff!! Lucky you!