Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to Dr. Suess...Do you live in a zoo too?!

Good Morning good folks!  
How have you been?
It's still morning even if at slightly after 10!

I have much to do
And no time to think
so bare with me cause my rhyming can stink!

Ode to Dr. Suess, my life, and the kind of day this will be........
Today is a special Dr. Suess' day.
There are chairs to strip 
and other furniture to spray.
I'm close but so far , I've not completely lost my grip!

I will scramble some eggs
fry them up in a pan,
deliver cookie cakes 
and do the best that I can.

I will celebrate the man,
who taught us to rhyme
lesson upon lesson
time after time.

The furniture will wait 
the day will be long,
but if my children enjoy
there will be nothing wrong!

I love all that he taught 
in the lines that he wrote, 
but If I Ran The Zoo
would, today, get my vote!

It may be a zoo
but I LOVE it here too
I must now get up and put on my left shoe!

Have a splendiferous day!



  1. I love that I never know what treat I will find when I log onto artichokealley. You constantly amaze and delight..msm