Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fancy flowering table and chairs

I picked this table and chairs up on Valentine's Day (HERE) and loved the lines of the legs. It looked so feminine and girly.  I have been itching to do something in green and really just step a little outside of my comfort zone and these pieces just seemed like the perfect project to do that on.

 I had this fabric in my stash and have been waiting for the right project to come along.  

I started by mixing several Ooops! paints to get just the right color of green to match the fabric.  I scrubbed, sanded, primed, and painted the chairs.  The seats were pretty nasty so, after tracing a pattern, they were all tossed in the big trash truck!  I used the table saw to cut four new seat bottoms, added new foam and attached my awesome fabric.  LOVE!

Then it was time to work on the table.  The top was pretty rough.  What I initially thought was just dirt was actually a little water damage so I sanded, filled, sanded some more and then primed with three coats of Kilz.  I gave it another good sanding, wiped it all down and painted it a fresh linen color.   This again was an Ooops paint but, I love it.  It's almost white but not quite.  

I then laid out the fabric and worked on penciling the pattern onto the table in the areas I thought would really add a little pizzazz without being way too much.  After it was all penciled in, I used leftover paints to fill it all in and then outline the pattern in brown to replicate the fabric.  

After it was all dry, I used Minwax Polycrylic in gloss to give it a good top coat and shine.

Lots of pictures I know, but can you really believe the difference?!?!
One more set...

I love these colors and am feeling the itch for Spring!  Can you tell?!



  1. this is gorgeous, i love the paint on the top of the table, it's beautiful. so fun and spring! thanks for sharing this at my party!

  2. These chairs are great!! Yay for Spring!!!!!

  3. Gosh that is adorable!! Makes me want to throw my dining set out the window!

  4. thanks for sharing this at my party!!

  5. These are fabulous!! How did to stencil he flowers? Are these your creation or did you ue some materials for those?

  6. Thanks to all for the nice comments on this set. I had fun doing it and am glad it will be going to a new home with Pam.

    As for how I painted the flowers, I just laid out the fabric for the chairs and then pencil sketched it onto the table top. Then I went back over it with the various colors and finally, outlined it with brown paint.

    Thanks again!

  7. this is soooo pretty! i love the green of those chairs!