Sunday, March 6, 2011

Janet's Rocking Chair

Good Sunday Morning!!!  It's quiet here and everyone seems to be happy in their own activities.  What a peaceful way to start the day!  

Today is the perfect day to finally post about the rocking chair I worked on week.  Janet is a friend of a friend who contacted me about refinishing her grandmother's rocker.  It's a beautiful piece with tons of sentimental value to Janet.  It had already been worked on but still needed to be stripped down, stained, and poly'd.  No problem, right?!
Refinishing is a lot like having a new puppy;  painful, messy, and very frustrating but when that stage is over, you seem to forget it ever happened!  Then they become big, old, and just lay around and you get the itch to have the newness all over again,  forgetting all about the mess & frustration!!

Janet, please take this in the very best way....this rocker was one of the messiest, hard to train puppies I've ever worked on!!  All those little grooves, turned arms and legs, and hard to reach spots were killers!  
Now the before and after together:

I always get nervous right before delivery on a custom piece because I SO want the client to be happy.  The fact that this was a family heirloom just upped the ante!  When Janet opened the door and got tears in her eyes, I wanted another puppy all over again!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. I'd never quite thought of the process in those terms, but you're absolutely right about the mess and frustration. Your results were well worth it in terms of restoring that sentimental piece. msm

  2. The rocker turned out beautifully! I hear you on that stripping-no fun, but what a gorgeous finished product!

  3. Holy wow! That refab is amazing!