Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making changes to the blog!

When my sister Meg created this little blog for me, I was SO excited!  You know how siblings always seem to take on certain roles in a family.....well, I'm easily NOT the computer genius!!  Anyway, I like my blog and think it was pretty awesome of my little sis to get me going. 

Then, the other day I was feeling a little discouraged and called my Mom.  Although she sometimes makes me a little crazy (only in the best of ways!) she usually gives me the pretty straight scoop.....well, among other things, one of her tidbits was that my blog is confusing to navigate!  Really?!?

I thought it was pretty easy and straight forward but, apparently from the outside looking in, it could use a little TLC!  So today, with the rain pouring down, it's a perfect day for this kind of work being right by my side, my baby sister has flown the coop for a date (how dare she?!) and, I am trying to clean things up.  Please bare with me.   Today will be little changes.  Tomorrow...who knows!!

As always, we are open to suggestions so, please send them our way!

Thanks for following along on our journey and for any new followers, thanks for joining!

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