Monday, October 25, 2010


Where have we been and what is going on?!?!  Well, this weekend was jam packed with activities!  Between sports, birthday parties, and get-togethers with friends, it was a beautifully BUSY weekend!

Soccer season came to a close and my girl played her best game ever! That is all relative as soccer is really more about the socializing for Miss Sugar Bug but, she did really did play pretty hard this game!

Go Lollipops!!

Then there was football!  My little Cowboy is playing tackle for the first time and although I was pretty nervous about it all, it has been a wonderful experience for us all!  He loves it and Handsome Hubby is having a great time helping coach!  The team is made up of really great kids and hanging out with the parents (and siblings) has been SO much fun.  And....they have made it to the final playoffs!!  Yee-Haw!!

Thursday night lights!
Go Wildcats! Go Wildcats! GO!

And baseball!  Cowboy's team played in tournament all day Sunday so we spent the whole day at the ballpark.  They have moved from machine pitch to kid pitch so, everyone is still trying to figure out what to do and how to do it but, there are worse things in life than spending a beautiful Fall day outside watching kids play!

And getting together with friends to watch football, celebrate birthdays, and replay the highlights of the games.....Oh, and squeezing in a little furniture work too!

Overall, it was a beautiful Fall weekend!  Sorry for going missing! :)


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  1. Wow1 You have certainly been busy! The good kind of busy though~