Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whew! It's Wednesday!

Yesterday was an exciting day with sales, googling (is that really a word that I should be using on a family friendly blog?), getting projects finally completed, and watching my boy and 35 other little kiddos perform at the PTA program.   I think I have to say the highlight was actually the PTA program, believe it or not!  I will readily admit that I love to help out where I can at the school and will volunteer for whatever they need me to do but, I am not on any board, committee, or other organized decision making group.  I go to the meetings when I can but most often only when my kids are a part of it.  I'm just being honest here.......

Anywho, last night my Cowboy's grade level had the spotlight for performing.  Other than the fact that they were asked to wear red, white, or blue, he had not given me any clues as to what the performance would include.  The meeting started with two of the boys leading the entire audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and finished with the class singing/playing instruments to four patriotic songs.  (When was the last time you recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison with 100 or so other people?)  It was a great reminder!)  They and their teachers did a fabulous job and it was really amazing to hear them all sing, "Fifty Nifty States" by Ray Charles.  I'm glad I went and even more glad to see the patriotism displayed by the kids, teachers, and parents in attendance!  A great end to an awesome day.

As a side note, if I do say so myself, my Cowboy is so handsome!  I'm just sure that he was that one kid who was on pitch throughout the performance! My perspective could be a little skewed but, I don't think so! :)

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