Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tongue Tied!

I am totally tongue tied on this terrific Tuesday morning!  Yesterday was one of those days where things did not go as planned but, it worked out better than expected.

Debbi, Sabrina, and I got to catch up a little and plan for an Artichoke Alley meeting of the minds to be had over lunch SOON!

It rained most of the day which made it very difficult to work outside....I really need to get things moved around so that I can work in the garage now that winter is getting closer and closer!  Who am I kidding?!  I have to get some projects done so that I have room to move things around to make more room for projects in the garage!!  Anyway, I ran some errands, checked on the booth, and spent a great night at home with the family; we had NO activities!!!

While out running errands, Meg and I decided to stop in my favorite little thrift store just in case there was something I couldn't live without.  I really did not expect or need to find anything, but I had a few extra minutes. You will not believe what I found!!!  It was just sitting there all gorgeous and old!  Love at first sight!  Then I looked at the tag......you've GOT to be kidding me?!!?!  Okay, as I already said, I really didn't need anything else to work on right now and the garage is getting dangerously close to maximum capacity but, at that price, I would be insane (seriously) to pass this up! Do you want to know the price?  What if you don't think it's great?  Well, it doesn't really matter because those babies were loaded and the Suburban was pulling away before Meg could even blink and tell me one more time that she thinks I'm crazy!

Please ignore Handsome Hubby back there holding the mirror for me.  I don't think I had everything put together exactly correctly but, I couldn't wait to get a picture.  I love this set!

Rebel's look pretty much sums up what the rest of my family was feeling.....

There is more to this story but....I'm late for Kindergarten and must be in the classroom this morning!

So sorry!  Be back soon!



  1. That piece is gorgeous! I'm sure you'll be able to work on it soon and find a great spot for it :)

  2. Lisa, I am green with envy! You lucky girl what a glorious find. It is breathtaking!