Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ugh! So embarrassed! you ever find yourself in embarrassing situations and you think, "Ugh! Why did I _________(say that, go there, do that)?!  How embarrassing?!!!"  I really thought as I got older I might be less embarrassed or at least not put myself in these situations quite so often however, that was a misnomer!!!  Kind of like acne....I still haven't "outgrown" that either!!

Anyway, last night I decided to link to another party.  I was trying to get it done in between bath time, dishes, and the baseball players getting home....first clue that this was NOT the time! No problem, I can multitask!!  Hhhmm! I got it all loaded and went about my business.  When all was quiet in the house, I went back to see who else may have entered and that's when I realized...............instead of entering the name of my piece, I entered my name!  Hello?!?! I tried to delete, alter, fix....but all to no avail!

donkeyface.jpg donkey face image by bgthompson

SO....if you you are here to check on the dresser, please keep coming back!  I really did not name my little girl's dresser after myself !  And I really am not a complete imbecile!

Thank you!


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  1. Don't worry about it! I've done it with spelling mistakes, that's embarrassing too!