Friday, October 29, 2010

And about Projects 5 & 6

Projects 5 & 6 were completed to a satisfactory level!  

Project #5 - Laundry
I'm not sure about at your houses but, laundry NEVER seems to be finished around here and not matter what I cook for dinner, someone is never completely happy!  However, I have come to decide that the laundry that was piled at the start of the day was washed, folded and put away so, that means...check - project #5!!

Project #6 - Dinner
As for cooking....not one of my favorite chores!  No matter the meal, one or more people around here don't like some portion so, now I just do the best I can to satisfy the majority.  Last night seemed to be a hit with tacos!!  

Now, I have to take cupcakes to the school and get out to the Artichoke Alley booth to move things around for the weekend!

I hope you each have a spectacular day.  

Oh, and Cowboy's football team will be playing one of their big playoff games tomorrow morning so....GO WILDCATS!!


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