Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tornado warnings!

I made it to the school just in time to volunteer in the Kindergarten class but then they started making announcements about tornado warnings!  After finishing up at the school, I had just enough time to make a Home Depot run, get some essential groceries, and make it back home for the kids got home 2 hours early.  We set up our tornado camp (in the only area in our home without windows) and everyone was settled as the the news announcers were saying a tornado was touching down on the main road closest to our neighborhood!!  We've polished nails, eaten popcorn, played Wii Sports Resort, scootered around the kitchen island....imagine dogs, kids, me and the desk whose top is drying inside instead of in the humid garage!!  Needless to say, the projects I put off yesterday aren't getting done today either! OH WELL!!

This was my girl tucked in tight last night....I wonder what tonight will bring?!  When I showed her the pic and asked why she wore her sunglasses to bed, she explained that they help her see her dreams in better color....as if I should know that little trick!


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