Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Oh, how I missed watching the Texas sunrise this morning but, real life is back in full swing. With the kids and hubby out of the house, things are awfully quiet around here so I hope that means I will get A LOT done on projects today; a little quiet might make the work go faster!
Last week I was waiting for the sun to peek up in the Texas sky!
(Please do not notice the no makeup, just woke up look....we just keep it real around here!) 

Here she comes....

Today's list of projects include the never ending saga of the twin beds, nightstands, and jewelry/lingerie chest that I just could NOT seem to finish before vacation!  What was up with that?  Anyway, as a reminder here they are in their half finished state.

I also plan on completing Tracy's curio cabinet.  It needs a couple more good coats of paint and the hardware must be reinvigorated.  Brass, be gone!

Finally, I really want to make a quick trip to the Artichoke Alley booth to check on things.  I know it was only a week, but it feels like forever since I've been there!

And with that, I am off to work!  Have a sunshiney day!


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