Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Around here there is quite a cast of characters that all add to the everyday chaos.  This morning you saw a glimpse of Handsome Hubby and my sweet Sugar Bug.  Now to meet the three dogs that think they rule the roost:  Rosie (my boy's dog) - the sweet, peaceful, rule follower, Dixie (my girl's dog) - the wild child, who this story will really be about, and Rebel (my sister's dog) - the awkward teenager with big ears!

Rosie, Dixie, and Rebel.....who us?!

As I said this morning, it is BUSY here today.  Very overcast and looking like rain, I set up shop on the kitchen island.  I am working on some detail painting and that seemed like a great solution except for the mongrels that keep circling, looking for a handout.  That's when I keep getting a whiff of......Dixie!

On our recent vacation we were in the pasture working on feeders when all of a sudden, out of nowhere came a blur of brown and white fur followed by an AWFUL stench!  When we all realized what the smell was, skunk, and that the fur was attached to our wild child of a dog, Dixie, no one was really surprised.  Oh, but believe me, no one was happy either especially since we had started packing for the 17 hour car ride home!

Help me Mom!  It got me!  It got me!
Against her will, she was bathed in tomato juice and the best smelling soap to be found on the ranch but, to no avail.  We road home with the STINKING dog, literally!

Okay, not the first time we have made the trip with animals my husband would have preferred leaving at the ranch.  There was the time we had the 12 baby (flying) chickens, the turtle in the box that kept escaping to eat the dog food, the two ducklings we were going to put on the pond but decided to give swimming lessons in the pool first, and a few more (stories for later as I have to get back to painting soon).

Anyway, we all made it home in one piece and like most things, after you get on the road, it just doesn't seem quite so bad!  But, for some reason we just can't get rid of that awful smell.  As I am diligently trying to get these projects done and the mongrels keep circling, all I keep thinking is, "Oh, Dixie!"   But, how can you not love this face, stink or no stink!!
So sweet!

Back to work!


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